Chief Minister of Sikkim inaugurated the Centre for Excellence in Majhitar

Center of Excellent in Sikkim

The Chief Minister of Sikkim, Mr. Prem Singh Tamang, inaugurated the Centre for Excellence, Club House, Rain Water Reservoir, and Cafe Offside of the Sikkim Cricket Association at the Sikkim Cricket Ground, Rangpo, today.

The Centre for Excellence is a state-of-the-art facility established by the Sikkim Cricket Association (SICA) with the vision of creating future cricket stars in the region. This centre will provide young and promising cricketers with access to top-notch infrastructure, training facilities, sports science support, and comprehensive supervision from experienced coaches and support staff. The aim is to groom talented individuals and equip them with the necessary skills and guidance to excel in the sport.

He also congratulated the Sikkim Cricket Association and its players on this momentous occasion during his address. He expressed his deep interest in sports and emphasised the importance of encouraging students to participate in cricket and other sports. The Chief Minister commended SICA’s efforts in establishing the centre and spoke about the association’s history and formation.

HCM further addressed the Sikkim Cricket Association’s (SICA) progression and its affiliation with the Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI). He emphasised that membership in the BCCI has opened doors to numerous opportunities for Sikkimese cricketers. He encouraged players to pursue their dreams and assured them that the government would provide the necessary assistance and opportunities to help them grow and succeed in the sport. The government is committed to nurturing talent and ensuring that no capable individual is left behind due to financial constraints.

The Chief Minister also reiterated the Chief Minister Scholarship Programmes, which aim to help and assist eligible Sikkim students financially.

Minister for Sports and Youth Affairs, Mr. Kunga Nima Lepcha, who commended the work done by SICA and highlighted the government’s commitment to promoting sports and nurturing young talent in Sikkim, He expressed his appreciation for SICA’s efforts in creating a thriving cricket culture in Sikkim.

He acknowledged the association’s role in promoting inclusivity by providing opportunities for female cricketers to showcase their talent. The minister extended his gratitude to SICA for opening doors and providing a platform for women to excel in the sport.

He also underlined the value of youngsters balancing their involvement in athletics and academics. He urged young people to think about pursuing professions in sports and cricket in addition to their academic endeavours. The Minister stressed that sports not only contribute to physical well-being but also instill discipline, teamwork, and determination in individuals.

The Sikkim Cricket Association’s report was presented during the programme by Mr. Tika Subba, President of SICA, who expressed gratitude to the HCM for his unwavering support and for gracing the event. He noted the impressive development made by SICA, adding that the organisation effectively executed and carried out 170 matches.

Mr. Subba also stressed that SICA has been committed to ensuring that these matches are played exclusively by local players, thereby providing a platform for the growth and recognition of Sikkimese talent.

Following the presentation of the SICA report, Mr. K.C. Sharma, Chairman of the Technical Committee, presented a technical report highlighting the initiatives undertaken by the association. He credited the HCM for his visionary leadership and emphasised that it was under his guidance that the Centre for Excellence was established. He also commended the efforts of SICA in providing top-notch training facilities and infrastructure to nurture young cricketers and develop their skills.

Along with the inauguration, mementos and certificates of appreciation were presented to distinguished sports individuals who have made noteworthy contributions to the realm of cricket.

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