District Task Force inspects landslide and flood affected areas under Dentam Sub Division.


A detailed inspection was carried out at landslide and flood affected areas under Dentam Sub Division, Gyalshing District.

The District Task Force inspection team was led by the ADC Gyalshing-cum-Chairman District Task Force Shri Khemraj Bhattarai. The team comprised of SDM Dentam as its Member Secretary and all the designated members alongside Zilla and Gram Panchayats.

The inspection, which aimed at reviewing the restoration works being carried out by the line departments and mitigation efforts to be undertaken to avert any monsoon induced disasters at vulnerable areas and to get a detailed assessment of the situation.

The inspection commenced from Intake (Kundan Hydro Project), where Mr. Bhattarai directed the concerned Panchayats to take written complaints along with photographs of the residents about the reported leakage of canal posing threat to the households and other properties. Further, the Incharge KHP was directed to take up the complaints and repair the canal wherever required to the satisfaction of the local community before the commencement of operation of the Power House.

Further, the team visited Lingay Konabar and Simphok (Sophakha GPU) wherein the ADC directed the concerned department heads to clear all roadside drains in their respective jurisdiction by immediately mobilising equipments and manpower on priority. As been the direction of the state government and the District Administration wherein the specific directions have already been issued to efficiently maintain the drainage systems of the roads maintained by departments and contractors as effort towards mitigating monsoon induced calamity in the vulnerable areas like Sopakha , Lingey Konabar and other interiors. He directed the concerned department to ensure proper supervision of the works being undertaken by the contractors. He further suggested the Panchayats present to make efforts towards mobilising the community in their respective area in a planned manner towards preventive mitigation of calamity.
The community ownership of the assets such as roads and its maintenance including the drainage system will go a long way in minimising the impact of any disaster, he added.

The team, along its route to Dentam. inspected the roadside drainage system and vulnerable areas wherein officials were directed to mobilise the manpower and machinery to clear and maintain the drains.

The next visit was made to the major landslide area (Dentam bridge). The team members explored the possible intervention that may be required to redirect the river to its original course. However, the members of the Task Force were unanimous in their opinion that due to high volume of river at present and the gradient of the current flow of river, any intervention towards changing its course can only be taken up once the volume of water is reduced to at least 50 percent of the current flow. Accordingly, the Task Force decided to review the matter during the third week of August.


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