Three IRBJawans from Sikkim were killed in Delhi by a colleague

IRBJawans from Sikkim were killed

A friend who was using an Inas rifle 5.56 mm shot and killed three Indian Reserve Batallion Jawans stationed in Delhi. The cause of the shooting is unknown. The event happened at the Delhi Water Plant for Haiderpur.
Prabin Rai, an IRB employee who is from the Sajong village in Rumtek close to Gangtok, Sikkim shot three of his coworkers.

Three victims, who were part of the IRB batch for 2012–13, range in age from 30 to 32.

The accused was from the batch of 2012.

Indra Lal Chhetri and Pinto Namgyal Bhutia passed away instantly, while Dhanhang Subba was pronounced dead at the hospital.

The accused was employed at the water treatment plant in Haiderpur a few years ago, according to IRB sources. He is also often accused of being a drug user.

When this news broke out, there was a sense of fear and disgust among many people regarding the path that the current generation is taking. Some also blamed the mental status and mental environment of the current time.

“I am shocked and saddened to know that three IRB Jawans, namely LNK Pintso Namgyal Bhutia, CT/IR Indra Lal Chettri, and CT/IR Dhan Hang Subba, were shot dead by LNK Prabin Rai “B” at Haiderpur Water Treatment Plant, Rohini, New Delhi,” said Chief Minister of Sikkim Prem Singh Tamang in response to the incident.

“I express my heartfelt condolences to the family and relatives of the victims and pray for the departed souls to rest in eternal peace.” consoled the Chief Minister.


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