MLA Report: Em Prasad Sharma, Namcheybong constituency


Born to Bhauwani Shanker Sharma and Late Hari Maya Sharma, in 1 April 1976 he has had a long history of political activism in the Himalayan state of Sikkim. His role as a politician came from the deep urge to serve the poor of Sikkimese society. Recalling his own struggle with poverty, he slowly yet steadily reached the apex body of state legislature.

He started his journey with late Nar Bahadur Bhandari when he was the State Congress President having contested 2009 elections. He lost but it left a deep impact in his life. He became more stronger and resolute to win people’s trust.

When identifying about the ills of modern Sikkimese society, he identifies corruption as one of the main social evils. He published a book Sikkim Mahaloot in 2010 where he was also summoned by the CBI to help in the enquiries.

Being a son of a farmer, he holds agriculture and self sustainability dearly, he has founded the Aho Yuwa Kalyan Sangh to help youth channelise their energy for the greater good of Sikkimese society.

Recalling his own hardship to access education in Sikkim of the past, he stresses on education as the key to empowerment of every individual. Free education courses to construction of added infrastructure in Kishan Secondary School at Aho – which can now have 400 more students – and construction of school building at Changey Senti Secondary school, which has helped his rural constituency gain easy access to education.

“What is Sikkim without its people?,” he asks. To maintain and preserve the unique cultural heritage of the Himalayan state, Sharma started Nepali Sanghrahalaya Museum at Aho to preserve and promote Himalayan ethnic cultures of various groups.

Sharma is known to be working for the people at the grassroot. He has provided financial assistance to many undergoing treatment including cancer patients of his constituency.

After winning on SDF ticket in 2019 assembly polls, he switched over to the ruling SKM. He says it was a decision solely based on the will of the people of his constituency and he being their servant had to follow the wishes of his people. He further said in order to boost regional sentiment and arrest the growth of BJP in the state he has to take this decision.

He was made Advisor of the Excise department by the SKM government, a role he takes seriously. He says such government positions are meant only to serve the people, a role he wishes to continue for the rest of his life.


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