SDGP, Akshey Sachdeva IPS, paid a visit to Temi Police Station

Akshey Sachdeva, IPS Sikkim

SDGP L&O Shri Akshay Sachdeva IPS, accompanied by SSP South Shri Thakur Thapa IPS, made an official visit to Temi Police Station, where he interacted with Police personnel of the PS and briefed the staff on the importance of following proper covid protocols and making the public aware of the same.

He also stressed the measures to be taken by police to curb the increasing menace of drugs in our society. Further, he also advised police personnel of increasing cases of cyber crimes in the State and asked police personnel to remain alert and train themselves to counter these types of crimes. He also stressed that police should create awareness amongst the public so that they do not fall prey to such criminals. He then discussed ways and means to make police patrolling more effective and efficient and to always stay true to the motto of Sikkim Police i.e “To Protect And Serve”

Further, he also advised the police personnel to always be polite and well behaved when dealing with the general public and to be strict when dealing with anti-social elements.

Later, he also visited Temi Bazar, where he was warmly greeted and welcomed by the general public and interacted with them. All their grievances and suggestions were duly noted. The general public also appreciated the duties performed by police personnel during these hard times.

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