Sikkim bus hits tourist vehicle in west bengal

Xylo and Bus meet accident in Sikkim
Xylo and Bus meet accident in Sikkim

At least 10 passengers were injured when a bus collided with an Xylo vehicle in West Bengal’s mamkhola village under Kalimpong district on Friday.

The bus, belonging to the SNT was on the way to siliguri to drop passenger today morning was rammed on Mahindra Xylo, midway between Siliguri and Gangtok, around 10 am.

According to SNT offical, one SNT bus met an accident at mamkhola around 10 am. 19 passenger was there in bus and 10-11 have minor injury, they all were transferd to nearest hospital. Both driver and conductor got Injured.

They furthur mentoined that accident happened due to overtaking by one xylo car which lead bus to ramed over the car.


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