FAU-G provides early access for Team Deathmatch Mode

Fau-g game released in india
The initial version of the Made in India ‘FAU-G or Fearless and United Guards

Right after the Galwan Valley clash between the Indian Army and Chinese Army, where our soldiers paid the greatest sacrifice to protect our motherland, the Indian Government had banned a series of apps having a link to China, claiming that they were a potential threat to the country’s integrity and sovereignty. This ban included some of the popular apps like Tiktok, PUB-G, Cam Scanner, and many more. 

Few days into the ban, the nCore Games, a leading games publisher based in Bangalore along with Akshay Kumar announced to launch a game similar to PUB-G to capture the vacuum created due to the ban of PUB-G. The first version of the game was launched on the 72nd Republic Day of India. The game was enthusiastically waited by the Indians and gathered 5 million pre-registrations on the Google Play Store.

The initial version of the Made in India ‘FAU-G or Fearless and United Guards’ disappointed the gaming community as the game failed to live up to the excess hype made around the app. The app’s first version only had linear gameplay with the soldier having only handheld weapons. The first chapter of the game is based on the Galwan Valley incident as told by the nCore games investor, Vishal Gondal.

The TDM or Team Death Match is a type of gameplay mode in FAUG wherein the users compete with each other in a team of a maximum number of members of 5. The team with maximum kills in the pre-decided time limit is announced as the winner. The latest released beta version has brought a major revamp into the game. Newer maps, weapons and 5v5 TDM has brought it in competition to the BGMI, Indian version of PUB-G, scheduled to launch in the next few weeks. 

The beta version which was scheduled to launch on June 21, has been released now to gather user feedback for the final release of the game. The download link to the game is:https://bit.ly/3xU4GM7. The TDM has started rolling nearly after 4 months of the first release of the game. As the early access has limited opportunities for the players to download the game, we recommend gaming enthusiasts download the beta version asap. 

Akshay Kumar took to Twitter to announce the release of the beta version on June 27. He also released the motion poster for the same. As soon as the game was released, netizens have triggered a meme fest on the game. The word #FAUG was also trending on Twitter.

Our initial testing found out that the game was having sharp graphics with Indian touch like the presence of Paan Shops and vehicles similar to the one present on our roads. The audio also had Indian touch and few Hindi dialogues as well. Also, the game had tried to raise awareness among its users for the Vaccination Drive and Mask Up campaign. Though the gameplay was not very engaging we would have to wait for the final release of the TDM gameplay version. Hope the team improves the gameplay and makes it a better alternative to the BGMI.

Photo credits: 1. tweet screenshot of Akshay Kumar from twitter.com cover picture of ncore games’ Twitter handle.

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