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SEO sounds be a complicated topic for many people, and they might not give more attention to this part while they are working for the website but it’s not complicated that it sounds. Working with an SEO company is likely to give the best result for you to see your website at the top. Let’s look at this whole study with a very simple example and eliminate the word complicated from this study. 

Suppose there is a student who wants to score the first rank in class now he has several coaching centers to go and study but why he would waste his time studying at a coaching center that didn’t have a good score result, and thus he would be selecting the best coaching center to be at the top similarly we have a lot of SEO companies which are providing a lot of valuable work and helping the companies by gaining more profit and getting more exposure but these companies didn’t get the memo when google changed and also these companies only insist on keyword stuffing and link spam.

Now what’s more bad about these companies is they take your money and don’t show the result. Now Coming back to the example the Students will try all possible ways to find the best coaching center to be at the top so that the money they invested in them would result in a good ranking.

Similarly, there is a lot of SEO company which might be doing Fraud with you all you need to do is find the right company, now let’s take the look at how to find out why SEO is such a tricky industry and what you can do to protect your investment.

The Trouble with SEO Companies

Running with the same example suppose the student invested his money in a coaching centre now how would be checking that he invested the money at the right place? Well maybe there would be some easy test that he would be passing real quick but at the end of the final examination even if he comes under the top 10 but not at first place it could be disappointing but it would be worse if he just gets passed and similarly, there are the SEO companies that show the result after a long time, maybe several months and even if its shows a positive result so there is no such guarantee that one will get to page one but the worse come most of the people are not having a comprehensive knowledge of SEO. The major mistake that happens is they even don’t know what should their company doing to help them achieve the best result.

Using Metrics, Tracking Tools and Google Analytics

How can you ask an SEO company about your success well the answer comes straight forward with some ways like using metrics now there are several metrics but some can be more useful than others. You can also ask them about the page rank of pages where the links have been built but ‘page rank’ is although a largely depreciated measure. You can also look at and track the changes of your position in the SERPs(Search Engine Results Pages).its up to the company whether they want a short them to boost or a long term result. there are many companies which use the tracking software which helps them seeing your site climbing the ranking for different times so that they can use these report calculating how much your site has climbed since the intervention.

You can also choose a tracking tool if you are handling your SEO to keep an eye on your success over time and check the results of your efforts. Now suppose clearing test series for a student in that assignment was quite easy and he was passing all of them but getting all the test series is not the only goal even passing the test series doesn’t guarantee that what happens in the final examination for that you have ensured about how deeply are you studying for the major topics or what are topics and could lead him to score less similarly tracking a good rank before the major results just like clearing the test series and thus it’s not the only goal so to ensure profits you need to focus on the targeted The audience just like the major topics and those people are converting.

Moreover, the thing important is the bottom line. Now if you are running a business and sometimes you are paying for the SEO, then you must know that you are getting more sales this is the only reason that SEO is earning more money. Now for getting a top score for a student to be at the top he should set a definite goal and start checking on the topics which would help in completing that goal so similarly, one should set a goal and then track the traffic that makes it to that goal. So whenever you are trying to sell a product, then your maybe a Thank You page that you would show after someone purchases something. This would allow you to see that you are getting more traffic but also that you’re getting more targeted traffic that’s converting. Now another thing that comes is google analytics which would tell you where the visitors on your website are coming from and you would be able to see if they used your search term and ended up buying a product of yours. All of these buy products and coming because of the SEO efforts.

Using PPC to Research Your Keywords

Choosing the best coaching centre was a good choice made by the student but what if he hires a personal tutor he could get more benefits from that similarly when you hire an SEO company you can approach in a different way that is to have more benefits like helping you

increase your profits or your brand awareness. The companies which use the different marketing tools are some of the best SEO companies that could be everything from brand management to social media and of course choosing the right search terms .If your hire an SEO company just by checking its ranking it doesn’t have to give you 100% success because it might not come along with a good marketing strategy and it’s the same if one is doing their SEO. Another way of checking the best SEO is to  use PPC., PPC is of course ‘Pay Per Click.

Using Analytics in Your Campaign

Just like metrics, tracking tools, and a good strategy it is important to use the analytics for your own company. For that first, you’ll need to head over to Google Analytics ( and then you’ll need to add a small tracking code to each page of your site. Now if you are working on WordPress you can simply do it by the plugin. You can then set up your ‘view’, which will let you choose which stats you want to look at. Now there are some useful things which you should look at that your audience overview (which provides the information about who is looking at your The site, which could help you to get a better target), the second one is an acquisition (that would help you find where your traffic is coming from), and the last time is the real-time (which helps shows you how many people are there on your site right now).


I hope understanding about the SEO companies had become quite easy for you and now at the very end you can what qualities you would see while hiring an SEO company for a good result and of course a better rank. “It’s the same as don’t judge a book by its cover”, similarly you shouldn’t just hire an SEO company by checking its rank. So hope you choose the best SEO company for building your success.

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