Indo Nepal Poets to Organise Virtually Meet & Greet

meet&greet INDO NEPAL

Happening in Darjeeling, after decades in two great nations, online “Indo-Nepal poets Meet and Greet”! Exclusively via Google Meet. An event to rescue you, from the mundane lockdown while we instill hope, love, faith, and philosophy with an essence of poetry.

Acoustic Akashar invites one and all to join us in the evening to listen to the two nations’ emotions, it’s aches, it’s happiness, its belongingness. An event where you can meet and greet the millennial poets from great two nations, to share rationalities, logic, ideas, and perspectives in different fields. Season 1 Meet and greet has been halved into two episodes, one oncoming i.e. 13th June, and the second will be on the following next Sunday.

From Monday to Saturday we will be starring our 12 poets exclusively on Acoustic Akshar Instagram and Facebook pages. To join the “Meet and Greet” the link will be provided via Acoustic Akshar’s pages.

Supporting media partners are Reputed Publiknama, Reputation The Sikkim Today. Supporting Entrepreneur partners are Gentlemen’s Hub, Crochet Pearl earrings, KRC coaching classes.


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