A New Step In Education: International Baccalaureate

A New Step In Education
A New Step In Education

In India, there are two types of education systems- one for the rich people i.e., Public schools and the other one is for poor people i.e., Private schools. On one side we talk about equality and while, we can’t provide children with proper and equal education. This is the hypocrisy of India. 

Our youth is our future. Education is the right of every individual but the question is ‘if everyone is getting equal education?’ 

Rich and poorlow and aboveupper and working– these words play a crucial role in one’s education. Rich always outweigh poor in every aspect- be it in facilitiesoccupationhealthcareeducation

Similarly, in education, rich send their wards to public school while poor send their wards to private school.


The IB programmes focus on fostering critical thinking and building problem-solving skills. While still encouraging diversity, international mindedness, curiosity, and a healthy appetite for learning and excellence. 


Talking about education, what one wants? Proper education is when a child becomes a better learner and a better person. This is what IB offers. It develops intellectual, personal, emotional and social skills.

Already 5,500 schools across the world are affiliated to IB and it is also working in 159 countries added Delhi CM.

Chief Minister of Delhi Arvind Kejriwal, to sign an agreement between Delhi Board of School and International Baccalaureate so that the students from government schools access the facilities of the highest level. IB board is present all over the world; every parent wants their child to give their ward a good education so the CM decides to give the opportunities to the students of government schools to give the international level of educational facilities.     

Chief Minister Kejriwal said initially the exercise will start with 30 schools.

“The government school teachers will be trained by international experts. The international experts will decide about the assessment of children and conduct inspects verification and certification of schools. We are celebrating 75 years of independence and this offers a ray of hope. Our kids will be able to compete at international level, which will pave way for eradication of poverty in India,” he said.


This gives a ray of hope to the poor families that their child’s future is in good hands. Their child too is getting a world-class education. Hence is a huge step.

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