DU, JNU, Jamia conduct meeting to discuss the recommencement of offline classes

Jawaharlal Nehru University ( JNU )
Jawaharlal Nehru University, JNU

It has already been about one and a half years since the pandemic has emerged. The education system has completely shifted to online mode. Last year was full of ups and downs. Since the pandemic was at its peak still the situation was managed well by the people and the government. The pandemic resulted in a variety of changes in daily lives and so it did with the education system.

Before the pandemic, the traditional method of teaching was followed, students and teachers were physically present at schools and colleges. But now, it is completely online. The sudden shift from traditional to online mode resulted in a bit of difficulty for both teachers and students. The reasons could be difficulty in adapting towards a new way of learning. Such as unavailability of proper internet connection and gadgets, or lack of proper knowledge regarding using online method etc. However, with time, people became familiar with the online mode of teaching and it is the new normal. Online classes initiated keeping in mind the safety of both staff and students. Moreover, it also has some backdrops such as lack of practical exposure. 

After Senior Deputy Minister Manish Sisodia announced on Friday that the university could reopen from September 1, Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi University and Jamia Millia Islamia decided to conduct a meeting regarding the recommencement of offline activities. The notice announced that given the decrease in coronavirus cases, it would offer offline classes for science students. Later some teachers expressed their dissatisfaction with the university’s decision to summon students to campus. Later, the university postponed its decision. Registrar Vikas Gupta stated that the Delhi Disaster Management Authority has not issued any guidelines on reopening the campus. Speaking of the latest announcement by the Delhi government that schools and universities can be reopened from September 1, Mr. Gupta said on Friday: “We will hold an executive meeting on August 31, and we will proceed after that”.

DU and JNU:

The University of Delhi closed due to Covid since March last year. But seniors can return to the university to enter the lab and participate in practical courses in February this year. However, due to the second wave of Covid, classes were suspended again in April.

Mamidala Jagadesh Kumar, Vice President of Jawaharlal Nehru University, stated that once a formal order is received, the government will discuss the matter internally.

The university’s student union asking to reopen the campus in stages. After a long period of closure due to the COVID19 pandemic, classes from 9th -12th of schools, colleges and training institutions will reopen in the capital from September 1. This decision came as because the COVID19 situation in Delhi improved significantly. The second wave of brutal infections recently broke out, which claimed many lives. The shortage of oxygen in the city’s hospitals exacerbated these problems.


An official from Jamia stated that educational institutions will await UGC’s guidance on the issue before deciding whether to resume physical education. “We will discuss the reopening of the campus with our decision-making bodies, academic and executive committees, and all stakeholders. We will also await UGC’s guidance on this matter”, he said.

He further added, “We have a lot of students from Kerala and they are reporting a lot of corona virus cases there, so we have to wait and see. We may not be able to open a hotel because we need to organize food and other things correctly”.

IP and Ambedkar:

Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University and Ambedkar University stated that they will abide by official orders and comply with all guidelines. An official from Ambedkar University stated that an action plan will be developed in consultation with the dean of the school.

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