IIT Bombay allows Afghani students to join classes


The Afghanistan Crisis:

The ongoing crisis and traumatic situation unfold in Afghanistan. The country captured by the Taliban group, has already resulted in a situation of threat and fear among Afghani citizens. Trauma struck people only want is to leave their country at any cost. The urgency and desire to leave was such that the citizens even tied themselves to the planes, risking their lives. The crowd reached Kabul Airport and caused a lot of disturbance. After 20 years, the country is again in the same situation. They don’t want to be controlled by the Taliban as they know they will be deprived of their basic rights. 

Afghani students request:

Due to this difficult situation, IIT Bombay allowed Afghani students to continue with online classes from the hostel. So that their studies won’t get affected due to the ongoing crisis. Some students who had already enrolled at the university wanted the institute to approve their return. The university has offered admissions to few students under scholarships this year. 

Before the crisis in Afghanistan, the students were attending classes online from their homes. However, due to the sudden emergence of a threatening situation in their country, they wanted to leave their country and join campus hostels. Considering their needs, the university accepted their request. They allowed them to come back and continue with their studies. 

Now, the students would be able to attend classes and their future won’t be affected by the emergence of the crisis in their homeland. The Director of IIT Bombay said that “Although we have approved their request to return to the campus as special case, we are not sure how late it would be for them to pursue their dreams”. 

Above all, IIT Bombay welcomes the students the student of Afghanistan, wish for their safety and their comeback.

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