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How sports is Affiliated to economics.
How sports is Affiliated to economics.

Sports and schools, just because their initials are similar does not mean they match perfectly. I know you all are a little confused with my statement. Let’s make this clear. Almost every school has sports as a subject in their curriculum but – Do they follow their curriculum seriously? Do schools give enough importance to sports as a subject or as an activity?

We all know the answer i.e., NO 

However, the government has made a big step towards this problem which we have discussed in this article.

NEP 2020:

According to the sources sports will soon be made part of the school education curriculum as a part of New Educational Policy (NEP) 2020. It is good news for sports lovers. Sports is considered as an extra-curricular activity. As a result of which teachers did not consider it as important due to which it happens only once or hardly twice a week. 

Now as a part of NEP 2020 Sports will also be a main part of the curriculum. Also, the sports curriculum will be designed considering the infrastructure of the school.

“You will soon see policy changes that make sports an integral part of school education,” added PM Modi.



1. The number of hours will be set aside for the sports period each week. Preferences of the students will be noted depending on their interests and aptitude.

2. Infrastructure of the school will also be taken into consideration and for the development of sports infrastructure in schools, crowdfunding will be encouraged.

3. Services of retired athletes would also be taken up for better teaching so that the quality of sports can be improved.

“Schools will be nudged to have an attractive remuneration package for these sports staff, so that students get top quality training,” added another government official.


This is a huge step towards students’ future in sports but this decision has been made today why not earlier. Sport is very important for a person’s well being not only it keeps you fit and healthy but also releases the stress of a person, keeping the children to feel relaxed from all the burdens of their fellow-subjects. Sports improve the personality of a person. 

Well, we are already very well aware of the pros of sports. If this step was taken earlier then today’s situation would have been very different. You never know, maybe today India would have won few more medals in the Olympics. 

Better late than never.



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