Interview story with an Eminent International Jurist Author Poet WRITER Author Thinker Shri Pamarty VenkatRamana.


SriRamana ( Pamarty Venkataramana) is a renowned Jurist, Columnist,Author and award winning Poet based in New Delhi.

His latest work, a Book of Short Stories titled -‘The Whispering Star’ published from Europe is creating ripples as an exemplary work and western critics pronounce it to be a sensation for Class, Variety and Style of Writing.

The Stories revolve around how Santana Dharma can help recreate a new world of peace, happiness and wisdom.

A better life, a better society and a better world can be created by each one of us if we follow the philosophy of this learned Author as portrayed through charachters in his marvellous stories.

Pranay Kumar has interviewed this Celebrity Author covering a wide range of topics for us.

Here are excerpts.

  1. The art of writing has become a dead form and calligraphy is a forgotten craft in the age of instant communication via tweets and text messages. Is this true?

SriRamana –

Not really. Writing is a forever pleasurable exercise. Reading follows it. Modern day gadgets and applications no doubt have reduced the length, time and charm of long formats of communication. If once precis writing was supposed to have displaced long essays writing, nowadays tweets have come to per force curtail the expansive thinking enjoyed by men of letters. Be it essays or novels, fiction and non-fiction still hold their place of pride in the world of Literature.

  1. You are a celebrity in your field of global Law practice. How did you transform into a celebrated Author-Poet?

SriRamana –

Law is my chosen profession. The professional training in fields of Company Secretary, Chartered Accountancy,Cost and Works Accountancy has helped became a better lawyer with a heady combination.
But, early success turns one into a workaholic. Since the magic of success in practice from day one, literally,turns into a curse, so to speak and personal life becomes nil . What then does one do,especially with being a Columnist for international and national magazines,etc,when time is scarce? You graduate to thekevel of condensing your thoughts into Essays. Then,with further stress on time, Poetry becomes your style of expression. I have been authoring all these Books amidst a 21/7 gruelling work lifestyle.

  1. But,who is your inspiration to write?

SriRamana –

My Father is a famous writer. School and Home have laid the foundation for this passion. Most essays have been penned in the middle of night for thoughts do not let you rest in peace, unless you put them down on to paper or on the iPad.

  1. Why do we not see other lawyers and judges take up writing?

SriRamana –

Each unto own. There are many who have written in the past and still do. Genres of writing depends on one’s penchant.

  1. Most writers use PR agencies to make money. But,you have instead dedicated all proceeds from your writings to education of girl children in Asia & Africa. Why?

SriRamana –

In course of my travels around the globe in connection with my legal matters, I noticed that these two continents have been given a raw deal by advanced economies.
As the old adage goes, Child is the father of Man and an empowered Girl child would do more for growth of society than any elected bunch of leaders can. Girls and women by and large have been found to be handed out a raw deal in all multi-cultural lands. This anomaly can be rectified if we address this situation in our individual level too. The ripple effect would restore sanity to the world at large.

  1. What do you say about women empowerment in India?

SriRamana –

Santana Dharma worships Woman even as a Girl-child. Last few centuries have seen denigration and exploitation of women starting from Mughal hordes to Pirates from European lands. In a country without uniform civil code,the malady is compounded. A major step would be for Parliament to enact a law providing fifty per cent reservation for women in legislative assemblies & Lol Sabha.

  1. Your Book -‘The Whispering Star’ has received critical acclaim even in western countries. What is the magic you have scripted?

SriRamana –

The Whispering Star is a book of short stories in which I have tried to assimilate situations and correlate them to tenets of our Sanatana Dharma. It is the first of its kind am told in the new millennium from western hemisphere by an Indian author. As the reader passes from the first chapter that portrays an eye opening experience of the Pope in his travel to India, the remaining stories lead you to eye-witness experiences of dancing Yoginis ,a tryst with God and many more surrealistic episodes. The aim of the Book is to help restore faith of Mankind in Divinity in order that Humanity is reborn through a discovery of the Self and extending compassion towards all society.

  1. What is your message to educational institutions and newspapers in today’s scenario?

SriRamana –

Reform syllabus in text books starting from first standard of the primary school level.

a. Include Basic Law and Civics as a subject from primary section.

b. Inculcate a passionate love for arts and literature from secondary school level.

c. Sponsor educational trips to hospitals and government departments, to orient them with future societal life.

d. Newspapers can sponsor literary contests.

e. Educational institutions must encourage creativity among each and every pupil.

  1. What is the simplest lifestyle remedy you would advocate to young generation of school goers and college students,for a healthy, happy life?

SriRamana –

Wake up early. Walk, jog long even as the sun rises. Play outdoor sports. Fix a study timetable. Cut down on smartphone timings to bare essentials. Connect to Mother Nature and your elders as well as siblings more as you might with virtual strangers online. Eat healthy. Smile more. Appreciate good manners. Be kind to one another. Compassion and mercy bring more joy than any other pursuit. Inculcate hobbies like arts and crafts, singing, writing, reading or gardening. Distance yourself from wrong company and peers with vices. Be an eternal optimist and work hard with passion. Stay safe and healthy and confident always, under any circumstances of life.

Thank you.


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