Sikkim shouldn’t be the land of Tambola


In recent days Sikkimese Youth has been organizing fairs (Mela) in different places where Tambola seemed to be the main event even more than the sports and other entertaining activities. Many teenagers were seen engaged in this game as it doesn’t have any age restrictions. Few people get rewarded by luck and others just waste their money and more importantly time.

We have been through the most difficult time in our lives as the Noble Corona Virus affected humans globally. But just after a few months, here we are again doing the same stupid things even not realizing what will be the consequences if one in a thousand is infected by this virus. Such a huge no. of people were being attracted daily just by seeing the prize pool of Tambola. People were coming all the way from West Bengal and other states too to try their luck and some might have been lucky also. Nothing was maintained as per the guidelines of Covid- 19 and much educated employed youth and unemployed youths were also engaged just for the sum of money which doesn’t seem good for the future of Sikkim.

It is somehow not lesser than a loot. Stealing money from thousands and making one rich overnight. Encourage your own lives, do not organize a game like Tambola to lure our youths and earn some money. Don’t make this game a recreational drug for the people of Sikkim.

It is high time to develop the minds of Sikkimese youngsters rather than encouraging them to play a fool’s game like Tambola. It should be banned forever in the state. Organize games like Chess competitions, and sports events, teach them the benefits of Modern Tourism that is flourishing rapidly in the state, organic farming, entrepreneurship, Skill development schemes and many more.

Even the government has provided so many platforms for the unemployed youths to eradicate unemployment in the state. Youth must need to take benefits from those kinda schemes. Have you ever been to an office where you have to pay Rs. 1000/- for a form that the department provides? I guess not because there’s not. Have you ever tried on schemes that Government is providing today? I guess not. But why Tambola? Why waste time and money on such a luring trap? Don’t make our youth feel greedy. Money earned without hard work will spoil one’s own capability. Because money is like a chain that slaves wear, Knowledge is the kingly crown.

Authority Needs to Act on Tambola

I hope the government will soon ban the practice of Tambola in the state. No permission should be given by the higher authorities. It will surely bring happiness to a mother from a poor family to a wife whose husband doesn’t care about their daily needs, to a son whose father doesn’t care to pay his school fees in time, to a daughter who wants her daddy to be home in time and to a father whose teenager son is after the huge amount of money knowing nothing about how to be a good son to his family. May Sikkim be the place for brilliant minds. May this game will be abolished forever.

View or Opinion by our reader Sushant Subba.


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