If you are pregnant, you can receive a Vaccine

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It's safe to get the vaccine at any time during your pregnancy. Yes!

The Union Health Ministry has now prepared new guidelines for pregnant women to guide frontline workers and vaccines on counseling women about the value and precautions of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Although more than 90% of infected women recover without any need for hospitalisation, rapid deterioration in health may occur in a few and that might affect the foetus also, the fact-sheet said.

“Most women will be asymptomatic or have a mild disease, but their health may deteriorate rapidly and that might affect the foetus too. It is important that they take all precautions to protect themselves from acquiring COVID-19, including taking vaccination against COVID-19. It is therefore advised that a pregnant woman should take COVID-19 vaccines,” reported news agency ANI citing quoting the health ministry’s statement 

Covaxin is available only in India. It is made with the killed virus, and because vaccines of this type are known to be safe in pregnancy, one of the points made at the meeting of India’s vaccine advisory group NTAGI recently was: “Since killed vaccines have an established safety profile in p. women, Covaxin/ killed vaccines may be the first choice in women.”

However, on last Friday, the government announcement made no such distinction between Covishield and Covaxin for pregnant women.

The ministry advised all women to register themselves on the CoWIN portal or get themselves registered on-site at the COVID-19 vaccination centre.

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