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What is Digital Marketing?
Digital Marketing is the marketing that is done with the help of technology like laptops, desktops and using mobile phones. Digital Marketing is usually done to promote products online or to make awareness about the company on digital media platforms such as on websites and on social media platforms. In practice, digital marketing is basically done to connect brands with customers. Digital marketing is not done through the web- advertisements or social media posts, it is also done through texts or multimedia messages as a marketing channel.

Understanding Digital Marketing
Digital marketing targets a specific segment of the customer base and is interactive. Digital marketing is on the hype. It includes promoted tweets, searches result ads, and email ads. Digital Marketing helps the customers and the brands to make two-way interactions with each other to grow the trade.

Internet Marketing is different from digital marketing. Internet marketing takes place on the internet only such as advertisements that are placed when we go for web search results whereas Digital Marketing takes place only through mobile phones via smartphones and can be taken into action such as on video games, subway platforms, etc.

Types of Digital Marketing
There are various types of digital marketing and can be done through various platforms such as:
1.Search Engine Optimization(SEO): Search Engine Optimization is basically itself a marketing tool rather than a form of marketing itself. SEO is also known as the “Art and Science of making web pages and making them attractive on search engines. SEO is known as the Science of making web pages because it requires a lot of research for making the website as it includes many fields to search upon basically we have to research the following factors:

Quality of the content.
Website traffic or focus upon the engagement level of the website.
Number and quality of inbound links.

  1. Content Marketing: SEO is a major factor in content marketing as it is a strategy based on presenting the true values of the company or a brand.

The goal of content marketing is to attract the customers as to when customers visit the website and when he goes through that website he basically reads about the brand or about the product and it is written in such a way that most of the time it attracts the customer and in the end, he makes his /her mind to buy the product. So, in such a way content marketing is also an important strategy through which we can attract the customer. Content Marketing can be through blogs, webinars, or podcasts

Social Media Marketing: Social Media Marketing involves driving or engaging traffic on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, or Whatsapp Business Account. Because nowadays people usually do more interaction on social media platforms they connect with each other only through social media. So the possibility to reach or to attract customers becomes more when we promote the brand or product on social media platforms. Social Media Platform helps us to know about the target audience basically we can get to know about the engagement of the audience, on what the audience is getting attracted to. Around four to five years back Instagram has given a special feature to know about the audience such as we can see insights, reshares, or mentions on stories. The goal of social media marketing is not only that customer should not make a direct purchase but the main goal of social media marketing is that somehow the customer should start making interaction with the company and after that it’s the staffs’ responsibility how to treat the customer in such a way that he/she may end up in buying the product.

Affiliate Marketing: Affiliate Marketing is marketing where someone promotes the business of another person and that person gets a commission on promoting that. It is done in order to grow business together and we can make a chain. In affiliate marketing, we make a chain and convince them to join the business so by this method the owner and merchant get profit. In this way, we can grow our business.
5.Email Marketing: Email Marketing is a very simple process as we only have to send promotional emails but the only thing we have to do is to make sure that the prospect clicks on it. In this marketing, we have to make sure that everything goes fine as we have to focus on many things such as the subject line and the body and offer a clear unsubscribe option.

Benefits of Digital Marketing: There are certain kinds of advantages of digital marketing, Some are as follows:

Cost Efficiency: Well Digital Marketing is time-consuming and is efficient because we can hit the go button to reach a larger audience rather than in traditional media. In traditional media, we have to bear too many expenses such as printing, distribution and we have to pay for television spots. The reach of digital marketing is much higher than the reach of traditional media.

Quantifiable results: In traditional marketing, we have to search what is the target audience and from where the customer gets engaged towards them we have to observe and that takes too much time. On the other hand, in Digital Marketing we have certain options that show from where the customer got to know about the company such as through social media marketing or email marketing that helps the company to focus more on their weak and strong points.

More connections with the customer: Digital Marketing helps the company and customers to make a direct connection with each other as on social media the customer directly gets connected to the company in less time just by clicking on the link. But in traditional media, the customer sees the advertisements after that he/she has to travel to the company. So, in digital marketing customers get connected with the company in very little time.

In today’s world, Digital Marketing is the most important thing that we must have to do in order to grow business online as the online promotion reaches lakhs of people and it attracts the customers to get connected with the brand or company. Digital marketing is all about ‘First Impression is the last impression’. We have to focus on everything: the quality of ads you are promoting, and creativity. Most of the times Digital Marketing helps the business.

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