Justice Deo of Bombay High Court Resign


In an unexpected turn of events, Justice Deo, the second most senior judge at the Nagpur bench of the Bombay High Court, tendered his resignation today. Heading the division bench alongside Justice MW Chandwani, Justice Deo’s decision sent shockwaves through the legal community as he announced his departure in an open court session at noon.

Addressing those present in the courtroom, Justice Deo expressed his regret for any harsh words he might have spoken, emphasizing his intention to spur improvement rather than causing harm. He referred to his colleagues and associates as a family and conveyed his sadness at having to make the difficult decision to step down from his esteemed position. The heartfelt apology and announcement marked the end of an era for the Nagpur bench.

Born on December 5, 1963, Justice Deo’s legal journey has been a remarkable one. Prior to his elevation to the bench in June 2017, he had served with distinction as the Advocate General of Maharashtra.


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