YUVA and Suruchi Prakashan to organise a 15 day: Akhand Bharat capsule

Independence-Day YUVA

YUVA and Utkarsh Bharat in collaboration with Suruchi Prakashan are celebrating this 75th Independence Day. Suruchi Prakashan publishes books related to freedom fighters and society. In this initiative, many of books on freedom fighters will be read. It is a 15 days series of learning and growth.

Each year YUVA organizes a social campaign in August to create awareness amongst the youth about a social topic. Students from the University of Delhi, GGSIPU participate in the same via different avenues and platforms.

Though we remember many freedom fighters, still a few are not. They lost their lives fighting against the Colonial-imperialist forces and one needs to acknowledge their supreme sacrifice.

YUVA’s quiz competition, urges each student and youth to know about these freedom fighters and enhance their knowledge. The campaign is titled Akhand Bharat and will be conducted as a series, “Prabodhan 15 days, 15 stories“.

In the quiz competition, they will give you 5 questions each day for fifteen days from (1st August-15th August). You will also be provided with reading material and books on the concerned topics to make the quiz competition interactive.

The quiz scheduled on Utkarsh Bharat AAP. All the information regarding the freedom fighters will be available on the Utkarsh Bharat app. You have to read the articles and books by Suruchi Prakashan, also watch some short videos and answer 5 questions daily. Students will also be provided with the certificates after the successful completion of this competition. Due to COVID-19, the campaign will take place via online medium only.

The preservation of freedom is not the task of soldiers alone. The whole nation has to be strong.

 – Lal Bahadur Shastri

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