Sikkim Government Launches Award Program to Honor Road Laborers


The Sikkim state government has unveiled a commendable initiative aimed at acknowledging the remarkable efforts of road laborers who contribute to the maintenance, cleanliness of the state’s roads. Recognizing their pivotal role in enhancing the state’s beauty and infrastructure, a prestigious award program has been introduced, with each awardee set to receive Rs. 50,000.

Sikkim is renowned for its captivating landscapes and well-maintained roads, and this program seeks to appreciate the unsung heroes behind this achievement. Criteria for selection will encompass aspects such as road cleanliness, consistent maintenance, unwavering dedication to duty, and innovative approaches to road upkeep and beautification.

The awards will be presented to deserving laborers during the Labor Day celebrations. As said by chief Minister of Sikkim PS Golay in Tharpu Yesterday.

“I announced a significant initiative to recognize and award road laborers who have displayed outstanding dedication in maintaining the cleanliness, beauty, and the condition of the state’s roads. Sikkim is known for its picturesque landscapes and well-maintained roads and I thank them for their tireless efforts”, writes CM Tamang in his Social Media Page.

This gesture reflects the state government’s commitment to valuing the tireless contributions of these laborers, underscoring the crucial role they play in elevating the overall aesthetic and functionality of Sikkim’s roads. The initiative symbolizes gratitude for their dedication and stands as a testament to the harmonious collaboration between citizens and the government in shaping the state’s landscape.


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