Tshering Wangchuk Lepcha Appointed Advisor to Boost Sikkim Homestay Tourism


A promising new chapter unfolds as Shri Tshering Wangchuk Lepcha, the Additional Political Secretary to Honorable Chief Minister Shriman Prem Singh Tamang (Golay), assumes the mantle of Advisor to the Homestay Association of Sikkim (HAS). This strategic move, unveiled during HAS’s executive meeting at Dawnhill Nam Nang, Gangtok on Wednesday, underscores Sikkim’s resolute march towards rural empowerment and tourism expansion.

The gathering witnessed the convergence of esteemed figures, including Shri Jigmee Bhutia, HAS President, Shri Pintso Gyatso Bhutia, General Secretary-i of HAS, Shri Gyatso Lepcha, General Secretary-ii of HAS, as well as a consortium of stakeholders and dignitaries. Shri Tshering Wangchuk Lepcha’s appointment as Advisor drew from his robust background, notably his founding roles in several distinguished non-governmental organizations across Sikkim.

Shri Jigmee Bhutia, in his warm welcome, heralded Lepcha as a bridge-builder between the organization and the Sikkim Government, a testament to Lepcha’s community-centric ethos. The assemblage traversed a spectrum of pressing issues, delving into homestay policy frameworks, tourism promotion, homestay identity preservation, and more. The impending mega homestay project and the burgeoning influence of social media influencers also took center stage in the discourse.

Ren Pinsto Gyatso Bhutia, the General Secretary-i, illuminated the annals of HAS, recounting its commendable past initiatives and achievements. Newly appointed Advisor Shri Tshering Wangchuk Lepcha, stepping into his role with grace, expressed profound gratitude and unveiled his vision for transforming homestays into rural empowerment engines.

Lepcha’s vision converged with Chief Minister Shriman Prem Singh Golay’s ambition of cultivating an “Atmanirvan Sikkim” (self-reliant Sikkim). He exhorted HAS to play a pivotal role in realizing the government’s mega homestay project, advocating for synergy to steer clear of pitfalls that plagued previous undertakings.

The meeting’s conclusion resonated with optimism, reflective of shared commitment towards nurturing sustainable rural tourism and safeguarding local heritage. Shri Tshering Wangchuk Lepcha rallied for a grand homestay promotional gala in Gangtok, a platform to showcase the allure and authenticity of homestays, seeking the Chief Minister’s blessings for the endeavor.

As Shri Tshering Wangchuk Lepcha’s guiding influence merges with the Homestay Association of Sikkim’s zeal, a harmonious trajectory towards robust rural tourism development and realization of the Chief Minister’s vision unfolds. The executive meeting culminated on a note of aspiration, resonating with promise and potential.


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