Sikkim Police Seizes 7700 SP and 2600 Nitroson in Gangtok

Sikkim Police
Huge Quantity of drugs Seized at Gangtok

Sikkim Police has been continuing its war on drugs. In another successful operation, Gangtok Police on Saturday confiscated a huge consignment of Spasmodon tablets ( 7000 pcs) from two suspects in Arithang, Gangtok. 

Talking to Sikkim Today, Gangtok Police said 

DOES IT AGAIN! Today our Squad was able to confiscate a huge consignment of Spasmodon Capsule and Nitroson tablet valued at around Lakh from a Hotel In Gangtok. Two suspected were arrested and taken into police custody” 

It’s said that a guy with unconscious behavior was roaming around the Arithang, but the police have received source information about this and massive haunt down started it’s said that one person name Yesar Arfat who is suspect to have contraband substance and roaming around Arithang area.

And Police recovered contraband substances around 230 capsules of Spasmodon and 20 tablets of Nitrosun 10 from him. 

While questioning, he told Sikkim Police that he has bought this from a guy named name Durga Gupta aka Golu who used to stays at hotel Sidharth at MG marg, further than Sikkim Police started haunt there and found the contraband substances in which total of 7700 spasmodon capsules and 2600 Nitroson tablets was found and seized in presence of Independence witness.

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