Sikkim to begin vaccination for 18+ from June 10th

Sikkim vaccination

Gangtok: Sikkim to start vaccination for the 18 to 44 age group when the statewide drive to inoculate the younger lot kickstarts on 10th June.

East Sikkim which is one of the worst affected has started a vaccination program a long week ago for 18-45 yrs old with only a few slots available. On 29th May state health minister has informed the media that the dose is not available in Sikkim and vaccination for 18-45 yrs to be stopped.

Talking about the time, the health department has also informed that slot booking registration time has also been changed, from 9th May online slot will be open at 8 AM but there will be no vaccination on Sunday so the site won’t be open on Saturday.

The state govt has already issued a notification saying 13 priority group will be vaccinated which include SBS worker, Driver, Disability person, and some office worker and other.

The government has also issued certificates to identify individuals with co-morbidities that enhance the risk of mortality in COVID-19 disease for State Specific Priority Group (18-44yrs).

For 45+ still, some are not coming for vaccination were requesting them to come forward and all can help with the people in the category of remaining 45+ for line listing and sending them for vaccination.

For 45+ Special Vaccination sites have started for people with no IDs and for which they can come with the required formats filled and signed by Panchayats/Councillors of respective areas and also by ASHA of that area.

The state Govt has also issued a notification having a “Special Case” – wherein people are vaccinated with 1st dose and crossed 28days but needing international travel before 31st August who is according to Govt. Of India. Students who have to undertake foreign travel for the purposes of education and persons who have to take up jobs in foreign countries.
Other are Athletes, Sportspersons, and accompanying staff of Indian contingent attending International Olympic Games to be held in Tokyo.

In this scenario, they can contact an ASHA worker, nearest medical center, and another health-related person, and they can go with a document of proof leaving for abroad along with their passport and get the 2nd dose of COVID-19 Vaccine.


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