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A good SEO and Content Marketing means when you are concentrating on your users, it means when you are making an amazing post and engaging your audience, creating high-quality links, and more but the most important part it covers is to keep people way longer on your page.

Whenever you are reading something it’s the content that drags you towards it and you start reading it completely, so without having any doubt content is the most important asset when it comes to engaging people on the site and impressing google.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing all about creating content that would help Google find your site’s website and ensure that you are highly ranked on results pages. But it is not the only thing, at the same time content marketing helps you building your readership and ensure that people are engaging at your site and believing the content that you make for them also start trusting your site for the content. Once the people get your point you would become an expert in that and could nicely influence your audience.

That’s clear the importance of content marketing is more than your thought but now let us understand it more easily through the reasons.

1)    There is strategic usage of keywords and search items that SEO uses

There is a lot about SEO and so many ways to rank your website but the importance of keywords still counts. When you create a website and want to rank it up it depends on whether you have used the keywords or not there is an alternative to this by using them in the title of your blog post or the web title. So it’s clear that we can judge the importance of keywords by the fact that ranking depends on it.

You only make your content look good and engage people using keywords only when you go through the strategic content writing and use the keywords in the right way that they don’t appear to be fake, so if there is no content it is difficult for you to rank for the right keywords.

2)    Importance of quality content for obtaining social validation

There are many websites and blog posts that rank higher just because of social validation they have Successful to attract people despite having inferior quality content but this is not valid for every type of business out there it could be only achieved b=via brute force and a lot of money. If we talk about small or medium-sized businesses so they could only achieve it by quality content writing.

If I want to search about healthy food and your website provides all the content I needed for it I would surely take my cup of tea, sit back and go through your whole article but it is only possible when your content is great and it could engage people. When I found it attractive so there is a probability that I might share it in my groups or the link on my timeline, now google see all these actions as social validation and rank your website according to social validation.

3)    Quality backlinks could only be obtained through the quality content

It is not necessary like we discussed in the above point about social validation, it is not important that you just have to focus on social media and social networking websites.

We could also pay the websites and blogs to link back to our site and in most cases, it’s only when people find our content worthy and appreciate what we are writing again the quality of the content is important.

4)    To see your website at the top, you need to provide Google with content

Suppose I want the first rank in class but I didn’t write anything in my exam notebook then on what basis teacher is going to rank me up similarly it’s simple logic that until and unless you don’t have the content, what is google going to rank?

When you search something on google you can find different sections like google images, google videos so google ranks images in google image, videos in google video, and similarly google ranks text according to your written content and that’s why content writing is important for your SEO. It is giving something to google to rank your website at the top by telling google what keywords and search terms your content should be ranked.

5)    Content writing also contributes towards the “search task accomplishment factor”

In your normal life how you work or live according to trends right similarly there is a new trend emerging that is does your content solve any purpose? search task accomplishment that’s becoming a new buzzword over the internet, and especially in the content marketing and SEO circles.

So you would write your content according to it, Google would also rank your content according to the true purpose it solves. There are many things associated with words but your content should be designed in such a way that the user would be able to find what exactly he/she is looking towards. Google had been working on the algorithm that if people can find the answer or whatever they exactly what on your site and if yes google will automatically rank your website higher.

well everything is average in today’s world without having the extra benefits, similarly, there are some additional benefits of content writing for example

1.    People will willingly link to your content

2.    As quality matters people will engage on your site more if you give them the topics and their area of interest.

3.    There are so many chances that the content you make is being shared on social media

4.    With good content people would spend more time on your website that ensures google about the quality content of your website and builds trust.

So the reasons for content writing being the new key for SEO is clear and important is only when the quality of your content is perfect only then people will engage on your site so make sure that you gave the perfect quality content and focus on content marketing.

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