Hey Alexa, How Could I Improve My Website Rank?

Hey Alexa
Hey Alexa

The advancement of applications like Alexa, devices and software is leading us to new technologies. These advancements came up with the rise of voice search on applications. Applications like Apple’s Siri and Alexa are some examples of voice search applications. The use of Voice search in the field of SEO is quite new. Yet, the approach of SEO is a solid strategy, that would rank your business above all the competitors only if you would quickly capture the advantage of voice search. It takes a lot for small business competing against the business like Starbucks and Walmart. However, fortunately, there are low-cost SEO strategies that could be utilized to ensure that your business is found through voice search. Let us take a look at this article to know more about this application. 

Hey, Google, what’s the best brownie recipe?

Once my friend asked me to share the recipe for brownie she was craving for. Since she was so anxious, I was unable to tell her that I had no recipe. However, thanks to the search engine which gave me all useful recipe websites. I was able to come up with a recipe for the worlds best fudgiest brownies! My friend thanked me after that as the recipe was perfect. Her brownies had a perfect crisp crackly top, super fudgy center, chewy in all the right places and studded with melted chunks of chocolate.

From the above example, we get that appearing in voice search becomes so important for business. The acceleration of voice search had shown a good change by the rapid increase of 50% by 2020. Some examples of voice search are apple Siri, google home, and amazons Alexa.

No one in this rushing world has the time to type the whole thing, research shows that 72% of people use voice search as the daily part of their activity. It is also important to note that voice search contributes to making decisions regarding purchases. Additionally, providing accurate product information. 

How to create the winning voice search strategies

1. Use long-tailed keywords:-

Avoid using the one-word keyword. Use of short and simple phrases that will improve SEO and the chances of you being found by voice assistants.

2. Have a featured block of content:-

The searches show that the average voice search is about 29 words, so it’s beneficial to get your content and web page to summarize into few sentences of 29 words or less. You can use your content, use hashtags, lists and bullet points to optimize your content.

3. Understand your target audience:-

You should always make your content according to the target audience you looking for. Also, you may look for the answers to why, who, what and how questions in your content. You should make direct and concise answers that would help you improve your ranking.

4. Focus on local searches:-

Research shows that 22% of voice search queries were for looking for location-based content. The use of a phrase like “near me”, was often used by the consumers. Also, the one who has a local business would be benefited from this as they would be locally found. To take advantage of both voice search and local search, marketers should update their local SEO strategies. for voice assistants to deliver accurate information to consumers it is also important to keep all online business listings updated with the correct information

Conclusion: Voice search will rise in future

Voice search is rising day by day, though it has not come into full practice. Further as soon your business appears in voice search, the better it is. You may look for all the tools and knowledge that could help you using key terms and phrases. It is important to have a voice search strategy to adapt to a world full of competitors. Marketers should keep changing their strategies like Alexa to keep up with the actions of consumers, who are making the purchase.



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