New Pure Veg Restaurant in Gangtok town You must Visit

Pure Veg Restaurant veggko
Pure Veg Restaurant veggko

Looking for Pure veg Cafe, nestled in what may be one of the deeper corners of the ‘Urban Gangtok’ – makes you feel like you’ve entered the Triwizard Maze. And the reward is a vegetarian version of Hogwarts, complete with meatless meatballs and vegetarian sausages. 

Mock Meat Burger (100 percent pure veg)

Giving the title of ‘Pure Veg’ to any food is a fearless move, yet Sikkim’s Gangtok puts forth a convincing case. The spirit of this clamoring city is complicatedly connected to the flavors that rule its dishes, and guests are fortunate with regards to tasty food worth glutting on. Selecting the best pure veg restaurant in Gangtok is no simple undertaking, however, we’re glad to manage this genuine heap of food to present to you, the peruser, and the merchandise.

We are Introducing to you – Veggko, one of the finest Pure Veg restaurants in Gangtok This Cafe offers a delectable range of Authentic pure veg Multicuisine, besides exuding a captivating ambiance. Don’t forget to pay attention to the intricate design of the wooden interiors which will view the city, weather, and whatever, which are marvelous, and further highlighted by the warm, mood lighting. Their food is equally impressive. Made out of the freshest ingredients that reflect the perfect blend of aromatic spices, we especially recommend their Fresh Pizza (chef’s signature homemade Pizza), Mock Meat Burger (Pure Veg Burger that smell and tastes like meat made more of a plant), and more.

The pizza comes cheesy, with a subtle sauce that lets the flavours of the plant meatballs – made of mushrooms, brown rice, kidney beans and spinach – do all the winning over. As unbelievable as it sounds, even a pepperoni pizza brigade can make peace with vegetarian pizza toppings, which might also be because the meatless meatballs somehow doesn’t taste meatless even after you poke and prod your way to discover bits of plants. The earth bowl is a complete meal in itself and the vegetarian sausage, made of black-eyed peas, mushrooms, and brown rice, could easily pass off as chicken sausage.

The Sikkim Today Founder Jeewan Dahal in Veggko Restaurant

A wide assortment, most definitely. Sikkim’s Capital is a thrillingly multicultural city, and quality food flourishes all over the place, from the high-end food spots to lick-your-fingers road stands. Gangtok is an extreme place, yet the power of these flavors will have your taste buds moving. Not in a real sense, that is a seriously bizarre thought.

This simplistic restaurant is known for its amazing cuisine and affordability for a pure veg family. So, if you were savoring a nice and quiet meal without burning a hole in your wallet, this is the perfect place for you. If you are traveling to Sikkim Do take a rest here.

Located in Namnamg Road Gangtok Sikkim

Where: Namnamg Road, Assembly Road, East Sikkim.

When: Mondays – Sunday- 8:00 AM to 10:30 PM

Home Delivery – Yes

The Sikkim Today’s review – 4.5/5 

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