Re-Opening Of Schools: A BIG ISSUE

Schools Reopen
Schools Reopen

Schools- a foremost thing in the life of children. It is a fountain of knowledge being imparted to a child. The school makes a person more confident. It is a medium through which children acquire knowledge.

Now, we all are aware that India is amid a pandemic. We are not in a place where everything is sunshine and butterflies, people are dying although the situation is getting better the main question here is are we ready for the schools to re-open? Is it safe to say that the reopening of schools will not surge the cases? 


Firstly we talk about the government’s step towards the reopening of school. The schools in the national capital have been closed since March 2020 and the particular reason for this circumstance is the pandemic. However, the schools had been opened for classes IX to XII for the completion of their project work. 

The closure of schools has led huge loss of learning and the students have also faced problems in virtual learning. So now it is high time to reopen schools. Besides many states have already opened their schools.

  • Punjab has opened all schools.
  • Haryana has opened a school for only classes IX to XII.
  • Bihar and Himachal Pradesh opened a school for only X and XII.
  • Uttrakhand also has opened schools for few classes and the rest of the rest were opened on August 16. 

The Delhi government has come through over 35,000 suggestions on the issue of school reopening. After receiving feedback from all the stakeholders further decisions will be made.

“So far, 35000 suggestions have been received. Over 12,000 of them were received on day one itself. We will soon take a decision taking the feedback from all stakeholders into account,” Mr Sisodia said on the sidelines of an event.                                                                  



When some parents agreed to school reopening few parents are not in favour of this and honestly there is nothing wrong with that. Earlier also when the schools were opened in a phased manner in Delhi for senior students in January, the students were allowed to attend classes with their parent’s consent.  

Following are the views of few parents:

“It is a humble request not to open school now. We all know the situation is under control. However, as a parent, I am apprehensive of sending my ward to school till he is vaccinated,” 

  • “What guarantee can schools offer that the children will not be exposed to the virus? We should postpone the opening of the schools and continue with the online mode until the third wave is behind us and there is some clarity about vaccination for children.”


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