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The Shift from Online to Offline in Delhi University:

It has already been about one and a half years since the pandemic has emerged. The education system has completely shifted to online mode. Last year was full of ups and downs as the pandemic was at its peak. Still the situation was managed well by the people and the government. The pandemic resulted in a variety of changes in daily lives and so it did with the education system. Before the pandemic, the traditional method ensured physical presence of students and teachers at schools and colleges. But now, it is completely online. 

Adjusting to the “new normal”:

In the beginning, the sudden shift from traditional to online mode resulted in a bit of difficulty. Both the teachers and students met various obstacles. Such as difficulty in adapting a new way of learning, unavailability of proper internet connection and gadgets. Some even lacked proper knowledge regarding how to use online method etc. However with time, people have now become much familiar with the online mode of teaching. It has become new normal. Online classes were initiated keeping in mind the safety of both staff and students. However, it also has some backdrops such as lack of practical exposure. 

DU to reopen campus:

At present, the COVID situation is in much more control than it was before. Keeping the present situation in mind, Delhi University is likely to reopen the campus for the students of the science stream. As its syllabus consists of a lot of practical and project work. Registrar Vikas Gupta, during a webinar, made an announcement that the university is expected to issue guidelines regarding this issue by next week. He also concluded that students from the arts and commerce stream must keep themselves patient since the guidelines are likely to issue by next week. Before the second wave broke out and prompted DU to suspend all offline activities, the university had allowed students in the last year to enter the lab classes physically while taking theory classes online.



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