Nationwide celebration of International Tea Day by Chai Chun


Nationwide celebration of International Tea Day by Chai Chun, the #1 and first Tea Boutique of India23rd May 2022, Siliguri: Chai Chun, the first ever and #1 Tea Boutique from India grandly celebrated the International Tea Day in its 18 stores across prime locations of India. Every Chai Chun store organized a free tea tasting session open to all to commemorate the International Tea Day and it welcomed guests from all walk of life to take a dip in its 165+ blends of premium teas procured from the best tea estates in India. Chai Chun’s headquarters located in Siliguri was not behind to mark this auspicious day. Elaborate tea tasting sessions for the members of Young India and office staff was organized that started with a ceremonious cake cutting session. Chai Chun is the embodiment of vibrant colours that different varieties of Indian teas steep, and it marked this significant day with much galore.With approximately 1283 million kgs of teas produced in the year 2021, India stands as the 2nd largest producer of tea. International Tea Day is celebrated to appreciate and acknowledge the long history of tea and the significant role it plays in the region’s socio-economic structure. Tea is now culturally weaved into our lives and it has become an important part of our identity. The tea industry supports thousands of households across the nation with the capacity of supporting more. International Tea Day emphasizes on the ability of tea industry to fight hunger and poverty in the developing nations. It also accentuates the importance of sustainability, climate change, fair trade and organic farming within tea industry.As a home grown tea brand, Chai Chun is always vigilant towards the fact that every stakeholders in chain of tea production and supply is fairly compensated and no natural resources is abused.Chai Chun also organized several engaging online activities for the new generation to disseminate the huge cultural and historical knowledge regarding tea and to inculcate a reverence for the beverage that has been a part of human society since thousands of years.“Tea not only gives us the much-needed boost in the morning but they are also capable of rejuvenating and detoxifying our mind and bodies. This International Tea Day, we left no stone unturned to give this piece of information to the tea lovers of our nation.” Mr Rajeev Baid, MD, Chai Chun remarked.


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